Just when you thought everything was calming down as it relates to prices for disinfecting wipes, toilet paper and, hand sanitizer. It turns out that was not totally the case.

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With the rise of COVID-19 cases across the region, the New York State Attorney General has put an end to three Amazon sellers from price gouging hand sanitizer. The three sellers will now have to deliver money to all the defrauded customers of New York State.

According to WGRZ, the three sellers will have to pay the State of New York more than $52,000 in penalties and reimburse customers about $23,000 for charging more than the regular rate for hand sanitizer.

Price gouging on necessary consumer supplies during an unprecedented public health emergency is absolutely unconscionable and will not be tolerated, instead of ensuring that individuals can protect themselves, these businesses operated with dirty hands by overcharging for hand sanitizer.

said, Attorney General Letitia James, according to WGRZ 

These companies have been making big profits from their hand sanitizer during this global pandemic for a while. The there companies are Northwest Lux, Mobile Rush, and EMC inc. In my opinion, it's good to see families are getting their money back, many people are out of work and facing hard times right now.

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