This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hundreds of wineries, distilleries, breweries, and vendors, will converge on Watkins Glen International for the annual New York State Finger Lakes Wine Festival.

Wineries from all over New York State take part in this yearly event.

The first time I went to the festival was in 2016. Chris and I, along with another couple, camped out at the racetrack Saturday into Sunday. That year, the four of us stayed in a 10-person tent with two queen-size air mattresses for us to sleep on.

The following year, the couple we went with could not make it so we decided we were definitely going back last year. The couple that we attended this event with are our friends Doug and Lisa. Last year they bought a camper just in time for the event.

Last year we went up on Friday and camped through Sunday. We had a blast. We got to know the people in the campers around us and we all made plans to get the same camping spots this year so we can all hang out together again.

If you are into wine, this is a must do event. It is unlimited samples of wines from hundreds of wineries.

I believe tickets are still available. You can get that information here. If you are going, we will see you there.

Check out the pictures from last year's Wine Festival.

The Finger Lakes Wine Festival

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