This actually sounds sorta... tasty, actually! Do you remember the iconic green slime that Nickelodeon used to use on their awards shows, and game shows? Here's a refresher, if not:

According to Mental Floss:

They needed a way to make lots of slime on short notice, and turned to Quaker Oats Crème of Wheat for the next generation of slime. They’d basically stir the cereal up cold on the spot in whatever amount they needed, and then dump in green food coloring. The problem with that recipe was that it turned pasty as it dried, and the actors found they couldn’t get it out of their hair. They countered that problem by adding a couple of drops of baby shampoo to the mixture, and stopping tape after a sliming so the actors could rush off the set and into the showers before the slime hardened. The recipe continued to evolve over the years, with cottage cheese and vegetable oil sometimes being thrown around as ingredients. Double Dare host Marc Summer notes, however, that the slime used on his show was primarily made from “vanilla pudding, applesauce, oatmeal, [and] green food coloring. ”

That doesn't sound so bad, I guess.

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