What a clutch shot. The teacher of this organic chemistry class at Ohio State told this student that if he can sink this paper ball shot, he will earn an "A" score for the entire class for their first quiz. Spoiler alert... he does!

According to the course professor, Dr. Callum;

The first ten years I did it no one was very close. The last two years the shots have been epic and have gone in. I just randomly throw the ball up to the balcony and whoever grabs it is the ‘proton acceptor’ or Lewis base and I make the horrible and classic joke that ‘I just made an acid of myself.’ When the student made the shot last year no one had a video of it because no one thought it would go in. This year I told them we had to live up to last year making the shot so get your phones out. The student who made it ‘Vinny’ had his named chanted for several minutes after he made it. Not your normal day in Ochem.”

[via The Comeback]