After I've posted an article on the 99.1 The Whale website and the 99.1 The Whale Mobile App, I love to read the follow-up comments on social media, like Facebook as well as the Whale website and Whale App.

Some of them make some smile, some have such anger or rage, some make me wonder what planet the person who commented, is from, and some enjoy correcting my grammatical mistakes. For that, I'm grateful since as much as I re-read my articles before hitting publish, sometimes a misspelled word gets by me.

But best of all, having a place to comment on our articles gives the Whale Nation a voice, and I think that's important. With that in mind, here are some social media comments from various articles I've written lately, that you may have missed.

Regarding the story, I wrote about the fact that debt collectors can now reach people via social media, Nicholas commented:
"Pay your bills, problem solved."

You know, he's right. Pay your bills, pay them on time, and keep debt collectors away.

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My article about California changing their school grading system by eliminating 'F'and 'D', riled some people up, and Mike commented:
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

I laughed when I saw Jeff comment:
"Absolutely! Then give everyone Participation Trophies!"

And Thomas mentioned:
"Why don't we just hand them their diploma in kindergarten? Makes about the same sense."

Well, good luck California on that one. We'll be interested to see how it all turns out.

I hit a nerve in the article where we asked would you pay $5 dollars a gallon for gas if it were to happen in 2022? Scott commented:
"No, I'd buy a horse."

And I liked the comment from David:
"Mountain men wood burning truck, ha."

And of course, I had to laugh at the comment from Ray when I wrote about 10 local  places to take out-of-town relatives who come to visit you over the holidays:
Take them to the bus station/airport... Say See Ya!!!

I wrote an article about the possibility of snow on Christmas Day, and Tommy didn't miss a beat with a spot-on prediction:
"50/50. Either it does. Or it doesn’t. Lol."

Great stuff, Whale Nation. Keep those comments coming. It brightens up my day. And sometimes makes me shake my head in wonder.

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