I have enjoyed camping in a tent since I was a kid. Dad would set up our tent in the backyard every Summer for us to enjoy. Spending an overnight in a tent, even though it was only in the backyard, was a big deal for me.

My best friend and cousin would usually join me for our backyard overnight stay, and we had a blast every Summer. As an adult, I started out tent camping with a small two person tent, and gradually upgraded to one that fit about eight adults.

Over the years, I've camped at many local parks, and have camped several times around the northeast part of the country including the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia and Assateague Island in Maryland.

There's just something about camping in a tent that gives you a feeling of adventure, eliminated stress, and you get to meet fellow campers from around the country.

The big thing about meeting fellow campers, is you will not find any friendlier people on the planet. We have helped and been helped with any issues that may arise. I recall one instance when a couple arrived late to the campground, and where having difficulty setting up their tent in the dark. So of course we grabbed our lantern, cranked up the light, helped set them up, and settle in.

It's all part of the adventure. If tent camping interests you, Eureka Camping Center on Conklin Road in Conklin are the folks who can help you out. Jim Free and I have been at Eureka, producing videos related to everything tent camping, from choosing the right tent, setting it up, and learning about good and bad places to set up your tent. Check out the videos we've put together so far with Bill from Eureka Camping Center, and give tent camping a try this season!


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