I've had a couple of Strange But True stories about the guy named Bruce Wayne, no not Batman, the guy who lives in Tifton Ohio. According to Thrillist, Wayne set a world record back in January after eating at Chipotle for the 426 consecutive days. I remember talking about this story on the air when he broke the world record. At that point, he said he had no intentions of stopping. That record-breaking run came to an end this Friday. He made it to his 500th consecutive day of eating at Chipotle. He decided to break the streak on March 16th. I don't know if he decided to stop because Saturday was Saint Patrick's Day and instead of having a burrito he thought he would have corned beef and cabbage?

I don't understand how anyone would want to be around this guy. I love Mexican food and I love burritos, but if I go to Chipotle, Moe's, Taco Bell, or any other Mexican restaurant, I'm usually gassy for hours afterward. I can't imagine eating there for 500 days in a row. Why would you want to eat anywhere for 500 days in a row? To eat the same meal for a year and a quarter? You have to be doing it for the attention. And it worked for Bruce Wayne because here we are talking about him in Binghamton New York.

I wonder if he will get an endorsement from Beano? You know, the pill you take to control flatulence. Or maybe he can get an endorsement from Colonblow. God knows after eating burritos for 500 Days he could probably use a good cleaning out down there.

[via Thrillist]

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