The Whale Cash Code Contest will be coming to an end soon, but you still have plenty of chances to win money. You could win an amount anywhere from $200 up to $5,000 per cash code. We give those out three times each weekday. I have the first one at 7:20, Pam has the second one at 12:10, and Don Morgan has the third one at 4:10. Each one also qualifies you for a trip for two to go see Metallica in Vegas which would be something you would never forget. It's brought to you by Gary's U-Pull-It.

Whenever we are giving you a chance to win something like this I try and put myself in your position. What would I do if I won the money? I can't win because I work here, but you can. If I was handed a check for $5,000 I'm sure I would spend it all within a few days. First and foremost I need a new garage door or maybe even just an opener on my garage so that would be step one. After my little visit to the hospital this weekend, I'm sure I'm going to be paying some medical bills for months to come. So I'm sure I would be using some of that five grand towards that. But I would also like to have some fun with some of the cash. We are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach late this summer and I would love to put some extra money towards that just to have an even better time down south.

So what would you use the money for? Be listening each weekday for your chance to win because everybody could use a little more cash. Good luck from all of us here at 99.1, The Whale! Click here for more info on the Whale Cash Code.

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