When each weekend arrives, if I don't have a station function or DJ gig to do, I promise myself that it will be a lazy, do nothing weekend. Why it never works out, dumbfounds me.

I had no plans in store for this past weekend except to take up space on the couch and stare at the TV for two days. That is, until the TV suddenly went out.

Turns out the outlet decided to cease operating. After determining the problem, off I went to the home improvement store replace the outlet. It took a while figuring which circuit breaker switch to turn off. Apparently whoever labeled the switcher box, did a poor job.

I eventually found it, easily replace the outlet and proceeded to replace the faceplate. Oops, wrong faceplate for the new outlet. Back  to the store to purchase the correct one.

While at the store, I decided it was time to replace the ceiling light in the kitchen with a more efficient one, or at least one that wasn't 30 years old. That turned out to be a bigger issue, since the two lights have completely different ways of mounting to the ceiling. The old one did not require a junction box. The new one does. Back to the store for a junction box.

After all that, the rest of the weekend became more of a 'projects around the house' weekend since I'd already been in the zone, rather than a couch potato weekend. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

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