And here we are. Past Christmas and heading into the next holiday, New Year's Eve and Day. To be honest, it's one of my favorite weeks of the year.

The reason you may ask if you're still reading this is because while I'm at work, the office is relatively quiet. As with many businesses, employees love to take off that week between the holidays. I do not.

It's a different atmosphere here during this holiday week. While we are obviously rockin' the airwaves as normal, those of us who are working, are just doing it a bit harder (that's what she said.) Or are we?

Maybe this week, I'll sneak out early to go see a movie and then come back to finish up my day's work. There sure are some good flicks I'd like to see right now. But I probably won't since the boss may look at this blog and I'd get into a bit of trouble. Damn the Internet.

At any rate, while we're doin' our thing this week, it's almost like a vacation without taking one if you know what I mean. And I can take my vacation during the warmer part of the year. I'm looking forward to camping season. Only 120 days until it begins.

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