Last night I sat down to start watching the news and thought to myself, this is really depressing, maybe I should watch a comedy. But, I decided to leave the news on and I'm kind of glad I did. The news crew started by covering the latest on the Las Vegas shootings. They interviewed two mothers who did not know each other before yesterday, but they did have one thing in common. Both of them had daughters that were shot during the senseless act of terror. The two mothers bonded together and became a source of strength for each other. CBS also did little profile stories on some of the victims. Who they were, where they were from, and what they did for a living. There were a couple of soldiers who survived being shot at overseas but yet died on U.S. soil while trying to enjoy themselves at a concert.

They also spoke with survivors who were shot. They told stories of how they survived and what they saw. At first, as I watched it, I became angry that something like this had happened again in our country. These victims were no longer numbers, they were real people from every walk of life, enjoying a nice warm night as we all have, outdoors at a concert. These are real people who leave behind family members, friends, and even some children. They are not just numbers, they are 58 Americans whose lives were taken from them too soon.

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