In my opinion, the definition of a 'city' depends on whether it has tall buildings in the downtown area. Yeah, I know that's a strange thought process.

Take Scranton and Wilkes-Barre for example. Both cities are bigger than Binghamton, but do you see any really tall buildings that pierce the sky like most other cities in the United States? Yes, there are a lot of average size buildings, but none that help define the skyline like the State Office Building does for Binghamton.

If you like checking out information about tall buildings in any city in the world, the Emporis website is the place to visit. It gives location, number of stories, building height and in some cases, the history of the building.

I decided to check out the Emporis website to find out what the tallest buildings in Binghamton are. I looked for buildings that are over 100 feet. I found nine such buildings listed below according to Emporis.

The Nine Tallest Buildings In Binghamton

via Emporis

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