Welcome to the day after the big game. Or as we normally call it - Monday.
If you are a fan of the game and you took the day off, congratulations. That was some smart thinking.

Maybe the day after a big event such as this, when it falls on a Sunday, should be declared some sort of holiday so we can catch up on sleep, massive calorie food intake and probably alcohol consumption. It's only fair, right?

As for the game, while I'm not a fan of either team, I like to get caught up in the excitement, provided it's a good, tight scoring game. And it was. Although going into the fourth quarter, I thought it might turn into a runaway game for San Francisco. I was rooting for Kansas City, and thought that it was game over at that point.

I even started doing other things around the house and casually watching the game until they scored a touchdown. That's when it really got exciting, and we know how that turned out in the end. Congrats to Kansas City.

As for the commercials, they were good, but one that really made me laugh was the one with Bill Murray and the groundhog. And the fact it aired on Groundhog Day just made it that much better.

So, to you serious football fans, training camps open in just about 5 months and preseason is a short six months away. Can you hold on until then?

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