I wish I could remember the vehicle I passed my driver's test was. I'm embarrassed to admit that it took me three tries to get my license.

The first two attempts, I believe it was because I did a crappy job parallel parking. I hate to parallel park. And it's especially a challenge with a large van, which is what I've been driving for the past 20 years or so.

It could also be because the vehicle I took my first two driver tests was my second car, and it was a boat. It barely ran. My third attempt was with my grandfather's car, which was a lot nicer, and I changed towns where I took the test. Well, third time was a charm, and I passed.

So, it got us to think about asking the Whale Nation what was the car you drove when you passed your driver's test, and we got a lot of responses on the Whale Facebook page.

There were quite a few interesting answers. Not everyone listed the year, but many did, and there were more cars from the 1970s than any other decade. Car types included  Oldsmobile, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Buick, Mercury, Cadillac, Chrysler, Jeep and Pontiac.

Mary mentioned she drove a AMC Gremlin (standard) and Lisa says she drove a Ford Pinto to her driver's test. Tracy, Pat and Kim all mentioned that they took their test in a large vehicle.

John mentioned on the Whale Facebook page that we are old (that is true) and Brian commented "Nice try, China." Not sure sure exactly what that meant. Jonna commented that she drove a Ford Fairlane and I'm thinking that was my first car, but I wish my memory was better and could remember for sure. Thanks for your responses, and hopefully you didn't have to take your test three times like I did!

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