I'm more of a sports playoff fan rather than a regular season fan. It's not to say I don't watch regular season games in any sport, just not enough as I enjoy the excitement of playoff sports much more. I suppose most people do.

As far as football is concerned, I'm a Giants fan. It's my team, it's The Whale's team, and we bleed True Blue. But, this year was one for the forgotten history books, thank you very much.

So I find myself trudging through the playoff season rallying for the underdog teams. It started with the Bills. They lost. Next, it was the Titans. They got crushed. Last weekend, it was the Vikings. Game over at halftime.

And now we have at Pats back in the big dance. Wonderful. Yes, they are a great team. But it's like having leftovers for the umpteenth time. We need something new.

With that said, I am now an Eagles fan...temporarily. Hopefully they will not collapse in the latter part of the 4th quarter like so many teams do against New England. It's like a horse race, where the favorite comes up from behind the pack in the last seconds to win the race. Oh well, maybe the commercials will be exciting.

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