Our celebration of the year in film turns now to the best movie posters of 2019 (non-hilariously random character poster edition). This year, we selected 20 favorites, running the gamut from massive blockbusters, to tiny indies, to re-releases of iconic cinema classics, to a few posters from streaming services that we’re not even sure should even count because there’s a good chance some of them never actually appeared in any movie theaters. (In our increasingly digital age, it seemed only right to allow them.)

The only actual qualification we worried about was 2019; if the poster came out this year it was eligible. That meant awesome posters for 2019 movies that were unveiled in 2018 did not count, but 2020 movies with posters that started appearing in multiplexes and online in this calendar year did count — and several of those did make our list. Which is, as follows...

Gallery — A Collection of Bizarre Character Posters:

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