The year was 1775 when the United States Postal System became a reality. Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General. I wonder if the lines at the post office were as long on the first day as they are today?

According to the National Day Calendar, today is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day. The website notes that 1847 was the year postage stamps were invented and Zip Codes were established in 1963.

I don't know why, but getting my daily mail is something I look forward to. Especially if I'm expecting something cool I ordered online. Unfortunately most of the time it's just junk mail, like credit card offers or offers for things I have no interest in. My recycle bin gets filled up fast every week with these offers.

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Our mail carriers have a tough job. They endure every kind of weather,  many do a lot of walking and carry heavy packages that you ordered online. My brother is one of those mail carriers. He loves his job, and admits that it can be a tough job. Especially around Christmas time when the packages come in fast and furious. I imagine it takes a cool mind to get through that time of year.

When you see your mail carrier today or any day for that matter, give them a simple thanks for all that they do. Happy Mail Carriers Day!

via National Day Calendar

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