Buddy and Ballwinkle, the ever-popular mascots of the Binghamton Mets are officially retiring on Labor Day with the 1:05pm game. Monday's game at NYSEG Stadium against Erie will be the last time you see this crazy and fun duo.  It's also the last game in the 2016 Binghamton Mets season.

A sad day indeed but I wanted to thank Buddy and Ballwinkle for all the zany fun that made children of all ages smile from ear to ear.  Through the 25 years they represented the Binghamton Mets they made every home game at NYSEG Stadium and while Ballwinkle had his fun with people's popcorn, he never ate a kernel.

Even when the snow would collect at the stadium, Buddy and Ballwinkle would make appearances at benefits throughout the Southern Tier, always trying to make people a little happy by brightening the day.  I will never forget the eyes and smiles of the little ones that they made so happy over the years.

So Buddy and Ballwinkle, we will miss you greatly but will always remember you fondly.  Thank you for all you have done to make Binghamton a happier place. You are now engraved in people's minds forever and part of Binghamton Sports history.  Well done!