One of the latest gadgets to become available in 2015 is the Apple Watch. Honestly, this is something right out of The Jetsons and old Dick Tracy cartoons!

Modern technology is making many of the things we did in our generation, obsolete.

There was a recent survey conducted which asked people, primarily born in the mid 1980’s and beyond, if they have ever written a hand written letter. 18% said they had never written a letter to someone!

I remember writing letters to my friends across town and the excitement of getting one in the mail.

How about a photo album? 20% of the people surveyed have never created an actual photo album. We live in a world with phones that take better pictures than any camera we had growing up.

My father worked for G.A.F (General Aniline & Film) and we had cameras all the time. I remember the anticipation of getting the pictures developed and seeing them for the first time.

Since we’re talking about things that are absent from today’s world of advanced technology, how about the rotary phone, the drive-in movie theaters, the mix tape?

Here’s something else, the CD and DVD discs are being replaced with I-phones, thumb drives, mp3 players and other new technologies.

Who knows what’s next! I like the new technology, but I still like to take that sentimental journey down the path of the way it used to be.

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