In 2016 we saw the Apple watch and the launch of Facebook live among other things, so what is on the horizon for 2017.

The biggest tech debacle of last year was the Samsung 7 exploding phone that had consumers in a panic.

Samsung is looking to redeem themselves with the launch of the Samsung 8 that will have its own version of Siri called Viv.

Samsung has also files a patent for a foldable phone.

Windows 10 will have an update for virtual reality headsets, several companies have come on board for this new development.

The I Pod is about to get a face lift with bigger screens and more features.

Apple is also introducing the I-Phone 8 which is said to be a much different look with an all glass design and many other new features.

Google also has some new designs to add to their growing technology including a smart watch of their own.

The competition is giving consumers many new options and I see better deals for everyone especially in home entertainment television.

Amazon Prime, Sling TV and many others have their own app and consumers can pick specific bundles and shows and networks they watch, and your TV actually talks to you with the Alexa feature.

The cable companies should be scrambling to offer better deals to consumers who are tired of paying huge bills for a bunch of channels they don't watch.

Watch for better deals on phone provider service, and everything from fit bits to new game consoles.

Technology is amazing and the year is just starting, I can't wait to see what is next.

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