One of the things I have thought about from time to time, is driving the course at the Watkins Glen International Racetrack. I have had a bit of history with that track.

In my earlier days, my father worked part-time as a Schuyler County deputy, patrolling the track during the many racing events and even the 1973 Summer Jam that drew about 600,000 people to the track, making it one of the biggest attended rock festivals on the planet.

Anyway, every year, I had the privilege to visit the track with my Dad in the 60s and early 70s when Formula 1 racing was king at Watkins Glen. I had the privilege to see many of the race cars up close in their garages, and also watched a lot of the racing action. Formula 1 was so cool to experience, although at the Glen, the track is laid out so you only saw a portion of the race. That was OK, since there was so much to see around the track. Anyone remember 'The Bog?'

So, this all leads me to my little brother, Scott, who by the way, is taller than me (along with my other brother, but that's a height issue I have to live with.) Last weekend, he and my nephew Matt, visited the track for their 2016 season opening weekend. It's an annual event including the opportunity to drive you car on this historic track. I hear this year was a record-breaking weekend.The great weather certainly helped. Scott told me over 200 mini-Coopers also were on hand to drive the track.

Their experience included about a 45 minute wait to get on the track, and a 25 dollar admission fee, which gets you 3 laps around the track. Last year, my brother purchased a 2015 Dodge Challenger RT, a stock 5.7 Borla Atak cat back exhaust and a K&N cold air intake. Right. Not sure what all that means, but whatever. Each round of cars allowed on the track has to follow a pace car, and stay at about 55 miles per hour.  Not sure that rule was followed, judging by what I saw on the video (nearing 100 mph anyone?), but hey, everyone was just following the vehicle in front of them, so it must be OK, right?

Oh, and no passing either. A rule someone apparently forgot about when my brother and nephew were passed by something not as cool as the Challenger. Their reaction was priceless with a couple of choice words.

We have a sample of Scott and Matt's adventure here, on one of the coolest racetracks in the world. Come take a ride with them!

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