According to a tweet from the Surgeon General, the United States top doctor, you should stop buying masks because they're not effective in preventing the Coronavirus.

Since the news of the outbreak, people have been clearing the shelves of masks at stores, including mask that are worn by contractors during construction.

Just today, outside of the radio station, I saw a person walking down Court St. wearing a mask. I'm not sure if they were wearing it out of fear of the virus or not.

The surgeon general also reiterated via Twiter, that washing your hands and staying home when you're sick are the best ways to protect yourself and others from the disease known as COPD -19

The CDC recommends that you avoid contact with people who are sick, clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth until you are able to wash your hands. They suggest that if soap and water are unavailable, to use a hand an alcohol base sanitizer with an alcohol base of at least 60%.

In another tweet from the surgeon general, it says "We should be cautious and take appropriate measures to prepare and protect ourselves" against the corona virus, "But we should not be afraid". It went on to say "We've been through this before and no place in the world is better prepared to handle this challenge".

There have been no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Broome County.

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