You read that correctly. Summertime. It's the best season of the year. Says who? Me. I will give a few props to late Spring and early Fall, but for the rest of those seasons and all of Winter, I am not a fan.

That's why I'm excited about this time of year. Summer officially kicks off Thursday June 21st and lasts until Saturday September 22nd. I will relish every day. Even through rain and thunderstorms.

To be outside, enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures, how can you not declare it the best season of all? There is so much going on. Our area has festivals every weekend. Actually several every weekend. You can't complain there is nothing to do in the greater Binghamton area during the Summer.

For me, being at the campground every weekend and during my vacations is nothing less than golden. I'm away from the hustle and bustle of city life, sitting back in a lawn chair with a cold beverage in hand, watching the cows roaming the field of the farm next to the campground, and nodding off to la-la land with no worries or stress. That's what Summer is all about.

Yea, I've got to do a few things while I'm at camp like mow the lawn, but even that is a diversion from stress. The sad thing about Summer, is that it goes by too quickly. I will cherish every single day, because Winter and cold weather are gearing up in the background, waiting to taunt me for another 6 months or so, come November. But for now, I will have the last laugh. Several actually.

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