As long as the fine management at The Whale gives me vacation days, I will continue to make sure I use them to the fullest. Time off is meant to give you a break, recharge your batteries, and maybe explore or do things you don't get to experience often.

During my earlier life, I used to travel while on vacation. Never too far, though. Places like tent camping in the mountains of Virginia, renting an oceanfront room in Ocean City, MD and a taking a road trip to Disney World.

Around 2000, I decided to ditch the tent in favor of a small camper. I purchased a 16-foot hybrid. That's basically a camper that has a solid middle and two tent-like areas on either end, used for sleeping or other extracurricular activities if you know what I mean.

2 years later, I moved up to a 21 footer, same style. 2 years after that, I had enough of the tent-like ends and traded up to a solid travel trailer. I'm now on my 5th travel trailer and in debt 'til I'm dead, but man do I love that camper!

I used to travel to local campgrounds, but eventually found one that I now have parked for the entire season. It's a treat to leave work on a Friday, drive to the campground, and have everything already set up. The refrigerator is on and the beer is cold. That, my friends, is summertime fun and hijinks, except a bit light in the hijinks, and that's OK.

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