Summer starts at 12:24 a.m. Tomorrow. That means that today will be the longest day of sunlight. That is, if it's not raining.

So with summer here, what are your plans? Vacation? Staycation? One day trips out of town? They all can be nice and relaxing.

With me starting here at the Whale on March 1st. I still don't know if I have vacation time coming or not. So my wife and I haven't booked anything yet. We were talking about a cruise to celebrate our tenth anniversary but again, we didn't book anything yet. We have a timeshare in Myrtle Beach and head down there every three out of four years or so.

I remember when my stepson Ian was younger and we would take a two day trip to Hershey Park or to Dorney Park. One time we went to both of them one on back to back days. That was awesome.

Now that he's older,(just turned 21) we haven't gone to an amusement park in a while. Maybe this year we'll do it again. I still love roller-coasters.

Last year, we took a week and went up to Lake George for a couple of days, and then went up to Lake Placid. That was a great trip. I had never been to either place and seeing and touring all the Olympic sites was incredible. I had goose bumps walking around the arena where the US Men won the Gold Medal in Hockey. We even did the bobsled experience which was breath taking, literally. The only sucky part was that they wouldn't let me steer.

Whatever your vacation plans are, have a great time.

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