So there. It's my annual declaration. Summer is not over...yet.

If you know me at all, you know summer is my favorite season. I am a warm weather kind of guy. Now, it's true this summer (and the latter part of spring) was wetter than we'd like, but the temperatures were up there, just like I prefer.

I pack all my yearly vacations into the summer months, and take advantage of being outside as much as possible. Rain or not, I have enjoyed every day this summer. Even got to reconnect with my family and relatives...some I have not seen in decades.

My camping experience this year has been awesome as usual, especially since my little brother, who for some reason is much taller than me, decided to join in on the camping/travel trailer experience in the same campground I spend my summer time off, so that's been a plus.

That brings me full circle to the title of this little article. With the Labor Day weekend just ahead, many call it the end of summer. Well, for me, the end of summer occurs when I winterize my camper and lock the doors for the season. That will be in late October, and that will mean the end of summer for me, and the beginning of six long winter months.

But for now, let me have my days in the sun, and let's hold on to summer as long as we can. May 1st, 2018 is a long way off.

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