Chucking stuff into the crowd is a time-honored rock 'n' roll tradition, but it carries certain risks. Just ask Styx drummer Todd Sucherman.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Sucherman is being sued by Lori Frederick, an attendee at the band's June 2015 stop in the city who claims she has suffered "loss of enjoyment of life" since Sucherman "negligently threw a drumstick into the audience" without allowing audience members "timely and proper warning" ... and hitting her in the process.

In addition to her emotional distress, Frederick claims her outfit was ruined by the blood she shed after being struck by Sucherman's stick, and is seeking further damages to compensate for her subsequent inability to register in a road race the following month. The suit seeks to compensate Frederick for "medical expenses and lost income" stemming from her alleged injury.

Papers filed with the court also name the band's corporation TMB Productions as a co-defendant, accusing the company of being "stubbornly litigious" and having "acted in bad faith" in response to Sucherman's "presumption of conscious indifference to actions." Neither Frederick's attorney nor Styx's representatives were immediately available for comment.

While it obviously remains to be seen how the lawsuit shakes out, Styx are hardly alone in being sued by audience members. Rod Stewart's habit of kicking soccer balls into crowds has resulted in legal action more than once, and Rick Springfield recently found himself fending off truly bizarre litigation from a fan who accused him of injuring her with his rear end.

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