Here's a Strange But True story that I didn't have time to get to this morning during Freezone in the Morning. It's about a hot new trend that kids are doing nowadays. And I don't know if you should call it a 'beauty trend' if it makes you look worse, but that's just my opinion. I found the story on Mashable, according to them, the new hot body trend on Instagram is to dye your eyebrows green and then glue flowers to them. The article on Mashable said the trend is called 'Garden Eyebrows'.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think this looks ridiculous. Is it just because I'm getting older? Did we do stupid things like this when we were kids and had our parents sit there shaking are their heads at us? Yeah, we probably did, but I don't know if we did anything that looked this bad. If you think back to the days of the hippies they used to put flowers in their hair and behind their ears. Maybe our parents thought that it was a stupid fashion trend. My question is, what kind of glue do they use to do this? Can you imagine if they used Crazy Glue or Gorilla Glue? They would pull half their skin off of their foreheads trying to remove these things from their face.

I guess it's better than shaving their eyebrows off completely even though I think this is just a cry for attention. You can see pictures of the new Garden Eyebrows on the Mashable website

[via Mashable]

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