There are people that still haven't finished their Christmas shopping yet for this year, but according to YouGov, 3% of people have already started shopping for next year. Way to make us feel like slackers.

Did you know Christmas Eve is one of the most common times for heart attacks? According to MarketWatch, the British Medical Journal analyzed more than 283,000 cases and it turns out the Christmas Eve is one of the most common times for heart attacks.

Researchers believe it is because of the stress and anxiety of the season. They say the risk of having a heart attack goes up 37% on Christmas Eve especially for older people. (Continue scrolling for more)

Have you finished wrapping your presents yet? According to YouGov, 13% of people love wrapping presents and 16% hate doing it. I don't like wrapping presents because mine always look like they fell off the back of a delivery truck.

Are you traveling to see family for the holidays? According to the New York Post, your first argument in the car will happen 27 minutes into your trip. They also say that the top things that can start arguments on your trip are arguing over the radio and the temperature in the car. My rule of thumb is who's ever driving controls the radio and the temperature of the car. That's why I like to drive just about everywhere I go.

And one last fact about Christmas. A lot of people don't have a great relationship with their family as I do. A lot of them dread spending time with family members at Christmas. The Sun posted the top 12 things that people will argue about while visiting family for Christmas. They include; what to watch on TV, refusing to do the dishes, someone drinking too much, and politics. You can see the full list here.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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