If you thought it was ungodly hot yesterday, Monday, you were right. Binghamton's high temperature yesterday was higher than Honolulu, Hawaii, and we tied the high temperature in Miami, Florida.

According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, not only did we set a new record high temperature yesterday, but it was the hottest temperature recorded for Binghamton in the past four years.

Yesterday's high at the airport was 93°, which means it was probably warmer throughout the triple cities. Yesterday's high in Honolulu, Hawaii was 88 degrees. Just south of us, it was even warmer. Scranton-Wilkes Barre set a record high of 97 yesterday.

The high temperatures were the talk of our golf league last night. Everyone was complaining about how hot it was and were trying various things to keep cool. If we were waiting to hit a shot because the team in front of us was playing slower than we were, we we drive our carts under some trees just to get into the shade.

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We also had those microfiber towels that we were putting in our cooler to keep them wet and cold. From time to time we would pull them out and basically give ourselves sponge baths on the course.

There is relief in sight. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures should top out in the low 80's Thursday through Monday in the Binghamton area. Tomorrow will be a little warmer with temperatures reaching 86, but still nowhere near 93.

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