I'm not telling you anything that you probably don't know but the more we sit around, the better chance for becoming over weight, getting high blood pressure and other health ailments.

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It can really become hard when your at work and your sitting at your desk for most of the day. I sit in front of a microphone for five hours in the morning and remain seated as I'm doing my other responsibilities that I have.

So what can we do to remain active while we are "chained" to our desks. Here are some ideas that can help you move during the day.

Ways To Be Active While Your Working At Your Desk

When it's time to use the restroom, don't go (I don't mean that literally) to the closest one. Walk to the one that's farther away and if your building has more than one floor, take the stairs and use that facility. This will also give you a mental break too.

Move your trash can away from your desk. This will give you a chance to exercise your wrist when you try and throw it in the garbage and a chance to exercise your legs after you miss and have to get up to throw it away.

Don't work through lunch. It's easy to get on a roll and not want to stop and eat. That's bad in a few ways including hangry pains because when your hungry and angry you are a pain to everyone around you. It'll also be less productive in the long run.

Wear a Fitbit. This will count your steps that you've been taking. This is a way to keep track on how many steps you've taken and how many more that you need. Set an amount for every hour to help you be consistent and not do it all at once.

Park your car away from your work. This is a really good way to get in your walk. If it's raining, it's a great way to get in your jog or run.

Getting even 30 minutes of activity during your work day, can help your health while giving your mind a break throughout the day.

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