On Wednesday, February 9th, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the requirement to wear masks in public places has been lifted. This new mandate does leave it up to workplaces and businesses as to whether they want to require mask-wearing while in their respective places.

But the mandate to wear masks in New York State schools is still in effect, and that is not sitting well with some groups, parents, and others across the state. On Friday, February 11th, a resident call to action for a statewide sit-out will occur at various locations in the 10 regions of New York State, including the Southern Tier.

New York Informed states that various non-profit groups, parents, teacher organizations, and advocacy leaders are calling on New York State residents to peaceably and publicly assemble for a rally from 11 am to 1 pm.

"...stand up, speak out, and respectfully request Legislators and all NYS elected Officials to support the Constitution, encourage them to lift the lockdowns, eliminate mask mandates specifically in all NYS schools, eliminate proposed vaccine mandates, protect parental rights and medical freedom."

New York Informed is a group of professionals whose mission is to "Inform, Connect, Educate & Protect Freedom' in New York State. The release states that these rallies are peaceful and the organizers reject any acts of violence, identity politics, and discrimination of any kind.

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The release asks parents to pull kids out of school for the day (Friday, February 11th), close business for the day, call out of work for the day, and show up for the rally.

The rally for the Southern Tier region of New York State will be held at the Broome County Office Building, located at 60 Hawley Street, Downtown Binghamton. Other rallies will occur in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown, Utica, Albany, White Plains, New York City, and Hauppauge.

via New York Informed

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