Pennsylvania State Police are warning residents to be aware of scammers trying to convince them to give up personal information over the phone while their counterparts in New York say they're investigating gift card schemes.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News
Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

The warnings come as authorities in Bradford County says a 89-year-old Wysox woman was a victim with the scammers getting three separate checks worth $18,500, various gift cards worth $5,000 and ten $100 bills.

New York State Police say they continue to get complaints about different scams that has people asking for money in the form of gift cards.

Troopers explain the crooks want you to take a picture of the card showing its number and ask for the Personal Identification Number (PIN) if one is associated with the card.  Once the scammer gets the money off the card, they're gone along with the funds, often without a trace.

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New York State Police criminals stoop to appealing to people's good nature and wish to help by posing as a local small business that's struggling, a religious organization or a loved one in trouble needing money.  Sometimes the scam is more threatening with the crooks saying they are from the IRS and saying you owe money.

State Police say anyone who gets phone calls from unknown individuals asking for personal information or money should hang up without giving out any information.

If you know someone who paid with a gift card, you can call the card company and let them know the card was used in a scam. Officials say there's a chance the money hasn't been taken out.

People can contact their local law enforcement agency for more information.

The Federal Trade Commission collects information about scams at

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