For months, Lucasfilm has teased something highly secretive and somehow related to Star Wars called “Project Luminous,” but nobody knows what it is. A new publishing initiative? An interconnected line of comic series? A new show for Disney+? A previously unexplored area of the Star Wars timeline that will be featured in some or all of the above? A new version of the classic C3PO’s breakfast cereal from the 1980s?

To be honest, it is probably not that last one. (But a man can dream.) Whatever this mysterious project is, it will be revealed tomorrow, according to ABC’s Clayton Sandell (whose Twitter bio also boasts that “Covering Star Wars is my side hustle.”). ABC, like Lucasfilm, is owned by Disney, so presumably there is some sort of coordinated announcement looming in the near future.

Sandell’s tweet was quote-tweeting Cavan Scott, an author whose own Twitter bio even says he is a part of Project Luminous. (This is clearly not the most secretive thing in the universe, given that people are referencing it in their Twitter bios.) Here’s what our own Ryan Arey thinks Project Luminous is:

My thoughts are if that’s what all this hype was for that is pretty underwhelming. To be honest, I’d rather it be a new version of C-3POs breakfast cereal. That would get me excited. Whatever it is, we’ll let you know tomorrow.

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