Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday, for our Classic Rock Pick of the Week, I chose one of Ireland's best bands, U2 to spotlight. Today for St. Patrick's Day, let's honor another amazing voice of music from the Emerald Isle, Van Morrison.

Mr. Morrison is actually George Ivan Morrison, and you can add 'Sir' to the front of that name. He was recently knighted this year by Prince Charles.

Van Morrison was born in August of 1945 in Northern Ireland, and has become one of the best singers and songwriters of our time. He was amassed 35 albums, beginning in 1965 with 'Blowin' Your Mind' to the 2015 album, 'Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue.'

His awards display has got to be huge, including several Grammy Awards, magazine honors, he's in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, and so many more.

Today, St. Patrick's Day, let's honor one of Ireland's most famous people, Sir George Ivan Morrison and enjoy this rendition of the song Into The Mystic.