Spring will arrive on Tuesday March 20th. Can't come soon enough. If you are like me, you are so tired of Winter.

Now keep in mind, just because the calendar says it's Spring, Mother Nature doesn't give a damn. We've seen cold temperatures, snow and ice continue to haunt us well into April. Now, I know those of you who love outdoor Winter activities, would love to keep Winter around for as long as possible. I get that.

I , on the other hand, prefer a warm, sunny day, specifically at the campground. Opening day for me is May 1st, just over 40 days away, and I can't wait. Evening if it's snowing, I am there.

Now that the weather will be getting better, it'll be time to get out of the house and reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors. We have so many awesome parks to experience, and the smell of Spring as you walk around those parks is amazing.

At this time of year, I like to think about spring projects. How did your house and/or property fare over what was a brutal Winter? Will that lawnmower start up, or has it seen its last patch of grass? Mine has.

It's also a good time to clean out the house of stuff that you don't need anymore. That being said, maybe that stuff can make you some money with our upcoming Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale on April 7th inside the Oakdale Mall. Click on the button below and get all the information on that. Happy Spring!

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