Parking. That word sets off a lot of different emotions in people. I drive a large van and parking can be a nightmare for me. Especially backing out of a tight parking lot where the spaces are tight and it's not easy to turn as I'm backing out.

And then there's parallel parking. Sure with a car, I don't have an issue, but I don't trust myself parallel parking my van. Some people have no issues at all, and I congratulate them for their talent to glide right in.

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On the subject of parking, I asked "What Southern Tier Area Has the Absolute Worst Parking?" I knew this was going to be a sore point for many. I'm not sure you would consider it 'worst parking' but for me, the State Street Parking Ramp where I've parked for work for a few decades can be a pain when the students are in town.

Many times I have to park on one of the highest levels above ground or one of the lowest levels below ground. Not the end of the world, but to be able to park on the street level or just one above or below it, would be nice.

Now that Downtown Binghamton has done away with parking meters in favor of the new meters, Joel S. added "All of downtown with those stupid park and walk to pay meters." Liza A. stated "Do we have to choose? I think we can state everywhere."  Seán N. adds "Any parking garage."

Here are some of the other responses I received. Do you agree?

Biggest Parking Nightmares In The Southern Tier

Biggest Parking Nightmares In The Southern Tier

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