When I need something inexpensive, maybe something that will last as long as I need it to (or beyond), I will visit one of the many dollar stores that dot our community.

To be more specific, I visit the stores that price all their merchandise at one dollar. Whenever the subject of dollar stores comes up in conversation, I like to joke that the products don't really cost one dollar, in New York, they cost one dollar and eight cents, and in Pennsylvania, the products cost one dollar and six cents. Yea, that joke always falls flat on its butt.

I can't count the times I've needed a small item or maybe needed prizes for a school dance or maybe some inexpensive glow sticks, and my shopping trip ended at a dollar store. Of course, I would always find more stuff than what I came in to buy, and I usually buy 10 items at a time since I know the exact price with tax will be $10.80 ($10.60 in PA.) I'm a bit weird that way.

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But that price is about to change. Recently, according to NBC News, the President, and CEO of Dollar Tree, Michael Witynski, has announced that prices on their store products will increase by a quarter. He cites the reason for the twenty-five-cent increase on inflation and that customers will not have an issue with the increase. Plus, their stores will be able to add more products to their shelves.

After all, it's just a quarter extra per item, right? Well, the tax will be higher as well. The tax increase will be two cents, so the price for one $1.25 item, will now cost you $1.35 with tax. But everything else has risen in price from groceries to gasoline, so I can understand Dollar Tree having to keep up with price increases. It's still a bargain with a 25 cent increase.

via NBC News

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