Even though the calendar says May 13th, it might look and feel more like December 13th tonight.

According to WBNG, the weather forecast for tonight is cloudy with rain showers and snow showers with less than half an inch of snow expected and lows ranging from 32 to 38.

So there is a good chance that in the higher elevations and the normally colder areas we could see some snow. It also looks like we can see some snow tomorrow morning to start the day.

Weather is always hard to predict. I have been told,  believe it or not, the Binghamton area is one of the hardest places in the country to predict the weather. A perfect example is Friday night.

Friday night I was in Damascus, just outside of Windsor, and even though it was cool, it was dry. We were hanging out next to the lake at a bonfire. At that same time, we heard it was raining in Endicott. I think we've all seen it raining in one area and you drive three or four miles down the road and it's perfectly dry.

I think we are all looking forward to some dry weather. According to WBNG, it looks like the next day without any precipitation will be Wednesday, and the next day that appears to be dry after that, looks like it will be Saturday when they are calling for sunny skies and a high of 70.

[via WBNG]

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