Nobody wants to brush and scrape snow and ice off their vehicles and apparently that attitude has inspired some state laws that actually fine people for not cleaning off their vehicles.

How many times have you been driving behind someone and the snow from their vehicle is flying back at you blinding your path with snow like mist.

Sometimes big chunks of ice will fly off a vehicle and hit the person behind them.

There are currently 11 US States that have snow removal laws that carry a fine if you do not clean snow and ice from your vehicle before you hit the road.

New York State is the latest state to propose a bill that would fine people for failure to remove snow from their vehicles, they have suggested a $75 fine but some states that have snow removal laws are more costly than that.

Alaska has a $50 fine and Connecticut imposes a $75 fine for failure to remove snow from your vehicle before driving.

New Hampshire has a Negligent Driving rule that does include large amounts of snow and ice on any vehicle and that brings a fine of $250 to $500 for first time offenders and New Jersey's law is also a bottom fine starting at $25 to $75 for large accumulations of ice and snow on you vehicle while driving.

Massachusetts has a snow removal bill pending that would impose a $35 fine

The best thing to do is always allow yourself that extra time to clean off your vehicle before you hit the road.

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