Have you heard about the "Oombrella?” This is a super high tech umbrella that will send you a reminder if you leave it behind or if it's about to rain.

I'm really curious how an umbrella like this like this would work in Binghamton where the forecast is always a little bit iffy and almost always a little bit cloudy. I sort of think that it would be reminding us to take it with us every day when we leave the house because it always seems to rain when we're not expecting it to.

Apparently, this 'smart and connected' umbrella can even predict what the weather will be for the next half hour. I guess it uses its own sensors to detect and record light, humidity and temperature.

The company that makes the Oombrella says it’s designed to transform customers into 'mobile weather stations.’

You'll be able to get your hands on the Oombrella later this month on Kickstarter and the company says they hope it'll be available in stores and online this fall. It'll set you back $86, but if you get it early on Kickstarter, it'll cost $64.

This could be the end to the huge umbrella collection at your favorite restaurant because if people start using this, it'll send a message to their phone to let them know they need to go back and grab it.