Yes, that sounds like a no-brainer. But for some reason, everyone did not get the memo. It's that time of year, and it began earlier for our area than in past years, when we experience snow storms, and even worse ice storms.

The reason I bring this up is because while many drivers know to take extra precaution, there are some who don't. This week, the weather forecast has called for freezing rain. I dread that much worse than driving on snow covered roadways.

You have so little control on roadways that have ice patches or black ice, which can be deceiving to see at times. Under these circumstances, I will drive to work choosing to taking the main downtown roads, because I'm driving much slower and it's safer, in theory.  I say that because as I slow down to stop for a red light, I'm always looking in my rear view mirror for the vehicle behind me. That person is not always thinking that they will need a little more time to stop than on dry pavement.

I have, and I'm sure you have too, seen drivers not thinking when it comes to stopping a vehicle on snow or ice covered roads. You know how that turns out. Moral of the story is, slow down and give yourself enough room to stop before you find yourself in the trunk of the vehicle in front of you.

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