According to Missing Kids, six young people from the state of New York have gone missing since May 1, 2019. Take a look at their photos and descriptions. Maybe you've seen one of these kids around town, at a rest stop, or in a restaurant. Maybe you're the one who can help bring them home safe.


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    Jaylynn Harvey

    17-year-old Jaylynn Harvey is from Utica and has been missing since May 6th. She may still be in the Utica area, but there's also a chance that she may also have traveled to the Albany area.

    Missing Kids
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    Joelle Hatch

    7-year-old Joelle has been missing from Brooklyn since May 30th and is believed to be in the company of her mother, Tiffany.

    Missing Kids
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    Arianna Hoffman

    Ariannna, a 17-year-old from Fort Edward has been missing since May 8th. While there's a chance Arianna may still be in Washington County, there's also a chance that she could have traveled to Saratoga County.

    Missing Kids
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    Adhol Monydeng

    Adhol is a 17-year-old from Lockport and she has been missing since May 13th.

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    Hannah Olszowy

    Hannah, a resident of Albany is 17-years-old and was last seen on May 17th. There is a very good chance that she is still in the Capital Region.

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    Trinity Rivera

    Trinity, a 17-year-old and resident of Rochester was last seen on May 30th.

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