So, we're on the cusp of another late winter storm. This one appears to be a pretty accurate forecast, maybe not so much in total amount, but as far as we are going to get a significant measure of snow Wonderful.

That means bring out the snowplows, snowblowers and shovels. All I have is a flimsy old shovel. Hopefully my neighbor will stop by again this time around with his powerful snowblower. He's actually been taking care of my sidewalk and driveway this winter, and I've been very appreciative of that. Yes, I compensate him with goodies.

If you are a fan of winter, maybe a skier, snowboarder and/or snowmobiler, this is your storm. It's your definition of heaven. I do feel good that this may help keep our outdoor winter businesses going for a bit longer. Those, like ski resorts who rely on snow, certainly can have a tough go of it during a mild winter.

For me, I just need to trudge through it. The countdown to camping season continues. As of today (3/13) it's down to 48 days. So while I'm out shoveling this newly fallen snow, I will be day-dreaming of a warm evening, clear skies and lots of stars above, crickets chirping, a roaring fire complete with the sound of wood crackling and the sweep pop of a beer can opening as I relax in my lounge chair with good camp friends surrounding me. That's my heaven.

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