This is one of those things I am torn over. I like online shopping, but I also like shopping in stores.

Online shopping has many advantages. We can easily search for a product and see thousands of options to choose from at the right price. Being able to sit at home in your PJs in front of your computer to make purchases, is really awesome. I can't count the number of things I've purchased online.

Another advantage of online shopping is looking at local store websites. If I need to purchase something, I like to do my homework. Checking what store has the item, and what the price is. But, I will more likely visit the store rather than purchase it online. Who knows, I may find something else I may not need, but want!

Visiting an actual store has it's advantages too. At least for me. Especially if it's buying clothes. I will not but clothes online. Every brand has its different size scale it seems, and if it doesn't fit, I've gotta deal with boxing it up and sending it back. No thanks. Visiting a store that sells clothes is the only way to go for me. I tend to buy a lot of clothes at a time, and having the convenience of a changing room, I know immediately if it fits.

You may find me to be a bit odd, but I have always loved walking through a store, a shopping plaza, a mall. Whenever I have gone out of town on vacations, I always visit the nearby mall. Unfortunately, many malls across America are struggling. I find that to be very sad. The days we spent hanging out in the mall as teenagers was priceless. Not a thing anymore, I guess.

Even though it's convenient to shop online, as long as I am on the planet, expect to see me continue to shop at our local stores, rather than at the click of a mouse.

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