From time to time, I check the National Day Calendar website to see what we are celebrating. Today, September 25th is quite a day.

According to NDC, today we celebrate several things. It's National Lobster Day. My favorite seafood. I need a bib, otherwise it's just another stained shirt.

Today is also National Voter Registration Day. I'm registered to vote. How about you? Also, we are celebrating Nation Comic Book Day. I wish I had kept the comic books I had as a kid. I might have had a few that are now collector items. Oh well, the same can be said about all the baseball cards I collected and lost.

We are also celebrating Tune-Up Day and One Hit Wonder Day. How many one hit wonders do you remember? There are a lot in the world of Classic Rock. Rock On by David Essex is one for example.  As for Tune-Up Day, I think I need one.

The National Day Calendar also lists today at Math Storytelling Day. I have a math story. I suck at math. Got held back in 7th grade, well for math anyway. Don't like it. Long live the calculator. Although, I am very good at remembering my multiplication tables.

September 25th is also my Dad's birthday. He would have been 86 today. Dad left us on June 24th, 2000. Died way too young. Life is short, keep hugging your loved ones. You probably already knew that...just a reminder. Happy Birthday, Dad.

via National Day Calendar

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