I'm sure the United States Postal Service has brainstorming meetings about how to start raking in cash again, but I'm not sure if this is enough to turn things around for them.

The United States Postal Service just announced that they're going to put out their first ever line of scratch and sniff stamps. They will be available for purchase in the middle of June. According to USA Today, there are 10 different stamps and they will all have pictures of popsicles and when they are scratched, you will smell their scents. They will feature such scents as; root beer, chocolate, and assorted fruits. They're also forever stamps which means that you can use them forever regardless of how high the price of a stamp goes in the future.

I was thinking they should have some fun with this. For example, put a picture of the poop Emoji on one of the stamps. But, when you scratch it, it won't smell like poop, It would smell like something pleasant, like maybe chocolate or a flower or something. How funny would it be to watch how many people would scratch and sniff it to begin with, and how hilarious their reaction would be when they realized it didn't smell like poop. I remember as a kid having scratch and sniff in books and magazines. For some reason, I remember scratching and smelling a fruit scent. I seem to remember a grape or a plum or even an apple.

I'm sure we can come up with more scratch and sniff ideas that would work on stamps. One that would go over well in the Binghamton area would be Spiedies. When you scratch them you smell the wonderful aroma of Spiedies being cooked on a grill. To see pictures of the actual stamps, check out the USA Today website.

[via USA Today]

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