Like many of you I grew up believing in Santa Claus, in fact my mother was so good at making us believe in him that I didn’t find out till I was in 4th grade that he didn’t exist.

My 4th grade teacher told me, after I was having a disagreement with one of my classmates and I wouldn't be lying if I said I felt betrayed.

Today’s kids learn at a very early age where who puts those presents under the tree, and some are raised knowing the truth about Santa Claus.

I liked believing and even after I knew I kept the secret from my younger brothers and sister for as long as they accepted it.

My Uncle had a Santa Clause suit and he would come over and wait till we weren’t looking, and sneak up stairs into the attic, by then I knew what was going on, but my younger brother and sister who were 5 and 6 were amazed when he stomped his feet and yelled’ ho ho ho’ as he came down the stairs into the living room.

I raised my kids to believe in Santa Claus until they got to the age where it was time to let them know the truth, I think they appreciated the way we made it magical and fun.

Many parents today do not believe in telling their kids there is a Santa Claus, so you have to ask them before you engage their children in the whole Santa Clause thing.

I think kids need to be able to use their imagination and believe in things when they’re young.

I will always be grateful that my parents made believed in Santa Claus and when out of their way to make it fun and magical.

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