When I first heard about this story, I wondered if it was for real. Who buries a treasure box filled with a million dollars worth if items with the hopes that someone will find it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains?

Well, apparently it was all true. And after ten years of people searching for the treasure, someone finally discovered where the treasure was located. CNN reports that the person who hails from somewhere 'back east' found the treasure, but doesn't want to reveal their identity.

The person who buried the treasure over ten years ago, is Forrest Fenn. The CNN article explains that Fenn's idea for the treasure hunt was for people to explore nature and give hope. It obviously interested a few people - around 350,000 treasure hunters.

In the treasure chest, there were diamonds, rubies, gold and emeralds worth around one million dollars. Fenn gave out clues to the location of the treasure, and it took ten years for someone to figure it out. CNN notes that some people quit their jobs to search for the treasure, and two people died during their search.

If I was the person who found the treasure, I would probably not make it publicly known either. Who wants to be hounded every day by people who want a part of your fortune? I can imagine relatives who in the past have had no contact with you, suddenly reappear in your life, in a "Hey it's been a long time since we've connected, Cousin" type of way.

Maybe the person who discovered the treasure will make a donation to charity or possibly use some of it to help preserve nature. After all, Forrest Fenn's hope was that more people would get back to nature and explore the great outdoors in the United States and beyond, and that would be a great way to give a little back.

via CNN

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