Rock stars may have the money to afford just about anything on the menu, but that doesn't always mean they'll go for the most expensive thing.

"I swear to God, on my life, that is my favorite meal in the world. I could eat it seven times a day for the rest of my life," said Dave Grohl about a certain low-budget dish that he finds when he travels through the U.K.

Other artists including Nancy Wilson and Pat Benatar prefer the tastes of home even when they travel, and they frequently cook on the bus while they're on tour. "I bring a Crock-Pot so I can stick food in there in the morning and it'll cook all day," Benatar noted about road-cooked date nights with her husband, Neil Giraldo. Lars Ulrich and Bret Michaels also enjoy making their own meals whether they're at home or on the road.

Many of rock's biggest stars are extremely healthy eaters, while others nudge a level of surprise with the carbs and sugar that they take in. Whatever the case, it works for them, and some have even turned their love for food into a sweet or savory side-hustle along the way. Benatar, Sammy Hagar, and Paul McCartney have all assembled cookbooks, with the former member of the Beatles including his daughters Mary and Stella in the project.

A common theme that tends to reappear throughout our list is that food is not a constant, and choices ebb and flow. Just as some rockers have changed their routines to overcome drug and alcohol addictions over the years, many have revamped their eating habits in an effort to get healthier or join a social movement. Others simply like what they like, admitting they'll eat anything as long as they can balance the impact with exercise.

Here's a roundup of rock stars and the foods they love.

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